What Comes After A Dental Extraction?

Getting a tooth extraction in Pflugerville? Whether you are having your wisdom teeth pulled, or you need to have one or more teeth extracted due to an oral injury or disease, you may not know what to expect after your extraction appointment.

So in this guide from Pflugerville Family Dentistry, we’ll take you through the basics, and explain what you can expect after your tooth has been removed by a dentist like Dr. Chris Mun. Let’s get started.

Post-Surgery Healing & Follow-Up Appointment

After your procedure, Dr. Chris Mun will provide you with a set of comprehensive healing and recovery instructions that you’ll need to follow to the letter. This ensures your mouth heals quickly.

For example, you will need to avoid spitting forcefully or using a straw for several days. If you don’t avoid these things, the blood clot that forms where your tooth used to be may become dislodged, causing a painful complication called “dry socket.”

You’ll likely need to eat mostly soft foods for a least a week after your appointment, and you should avoid exercise and heavy exertion for a few days after your tooth is pulled. 

Healing usually takes about 1-2 weeks for most patients, and you’ll schedule a follow-up appointment at Pflugerville Family Dentistry during this time. Dr. Mun will examine your mouth to check for complications like infections, and will make sure you’re healing properly. 

Exploring Options For Tooth Replacement

If you’ve had one or more of your wisdom teeth extracted, there’s no need to have the tooth replaced, so this won’t be applicable to you. 

However, if you lost one of your other teeth due to an oral injury, tooth decay, or gum disease, you will likely want to have it replaced. Missing teeth can cause further dental complications like teeth shifting, and can affect your ability to eat and speak properly, as well as your self-confidence. 

There are a few different options you’ll have for replacing your missing tooth at Pflugerville Family Dentistry:


  • Partial denturesPartial dentures can replace one or more missing teeth. They snap onto your remaining healthy teeth using metal clips, and replace your missing teeth with false teeth. They’re a fast, low-cost method of restoring your missing tooth.


  • Dental bridges – Bridges can be used to restore one or more adjacent missing teeth. They attach to healthy teeth using two crowns. Then, between these crowns, one or more false teeth are suspended to fill the gaps where your extracted teeth used to be.
  • Dental implants Dental implants use a two-part design. A metal post is surgically placed into your jaw and gum tissue, and then it’s capped with a dental crown. This results in a tooth restoration that looks and feels completely natural, and requires no special care or maintenance.



Need To Replace Your Missing Tooth? Explore Your Options At Our Office!

If you’ve recovered from your extraction and you’re ready to replace your missing tooth, Dr. Chris Mun is here to help. Whether you’re in Pflugerville, Round Rock, Hutto, or anywhere else in North Austin, you can contact us online or give us a call at (512) 252-4746 to schedule an appointment and get the treatment you need.